Up in the Air- 3

The Right Guy
Natalie: I don’t want to say anything that’s..anti-feminist. I mean, I really appreciate everything your generation did for me.
Alex: It was our pleasure.
Natalie: But sometimes it feels like no matter how much success I have, all won’t matter until I find the right guy.
Alex: You really thought this guy was the one?
Natalie: Yeah, I guess. I don’t know. I could have made it work. He just really fit the bill.
Alex: The bill?
Natalie: My type. You know, white collar. College grad. Love dogs. Like funny movies. Six foot one. Brown hair. Kind eyes. Works in finance, but is outdoorsy, you know, on the weekends…I alwyas imagined he’d have a single syllable name like Matt or John or…Dave. In a perfect world, he drives a Four Runner and the only thing he loves mor than me is his golden lab. oh…and a nice smile.

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