I used to like, almost, all women live inside me; the little one who never grow, the crazy hyper one, the colorful one, the one who cries all the time, the kind one, the beast one, the all time high one, the good girl one, the bitch, the whore, the swimmer, the actress, the gamer, the drunk, the one with the biggest eye, the one with the smallest heart, the dancer one, the driver one, the bald one, the curvy one, the lazy one, the afrohead one, …. but none of them are even close to what you like in a woman…they don’t even look like the woman you like, you dream of, you think of, the ones you want to see, to be with….its cold in this corner of the town and all those women are gone. There is no more wish, no more dream, no more hope..its as dark, as cold, as sad it is and this aint change. get use to it or die hard.

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